TNS - Gutters

Don't bear unsightly gutters

TNS is a premier eaves trough company with repair , inspections maintenance and installation on new troughs in sarnia with over 20 years of experience.  We are family owned and operated group of companies not limited to eaves but also fascia, soffit, siding, property management and my son has a professional roofing company.  our goal is to save home owners money on maintenance and repair work essential to protecting their home from water damage or simply increasing the value of there investment.


We have gutter repair experts and installers who always have room in their schedule and mind set for the betterment of services and thus delivering high end results.  Whether it is a matter of installing seamless aluminium eaves-trough or any other service concerned with repair, inspection and maintenance of eaves-trough/gutters, we assure 100% customer satisfaction through our high quality work.  we even provide seasonal discounts for larger savings during the off season.  we work all year long.